Tuesday, 28 June 2016

ASOS Focus Day 2016

I was invited to a focus day with Asos on Monday 6th June 2016. The focus day was for their Jersey and Knitwear range. It was such an amazing day and it was way better than I expected. Asos HQ is huge! As soon as I walked into the building it was like a scene out of the movie The Intern. If you haven't seen it then please do it's such a good film staring Anne Hathaway. 

When we had all signed in and were given our visitors passes, we all waited in the waiting area, loving life. Well I hope we all were! Like, hello? Do you know where you are right now?! ASOS! 

After about a 10 minute wait or so, we were greeted and welcomed to Asos and then moved into the room where we were going to spend most of the day. The room was split up into 3 sections so everyone that was participating in the focus day was spilt up into 3 groups. 

For the first section of the day we were focusing on the Jersey range that Asos have. So in my group we got told to try on a few items from the Jersey range and tell the lovely Asos ladies what we thought of them and to answer a few questions, like how much we thought the pieces were? Did we like them? What we thought of the material? Would we buy any of these items?

It was so cute, they had set this little section up like a mini store, they had a few of each item from the Jersey range on hangers and we all just picked up a few items and went and tried them on. My favourite items from the Jersey range were the ASOS Crop Top In Mesh With Long Sleeve And Lace Trim  and the ASOS The Bomber Jacket In Jersey 

I wasn't so sure of the mesh crop top at first because it was so sheer, but I gave it try and I fell in love with it. I was super surprised at how stretchy it was, I was scared I was going to rip it, but I didn't because it is a stretchy soft mesh. It fit me so well and I thought that it looked quite flattering on me. It isn't something I would normally go for. I was wearing my Calvin Klein Bralette underneath it and it looked amazing. What I loved about the mesh crop top was how well it fit me, how comfortable it was to wear, the crew neckline and the beautiful lace trim around the bottom.

I love bomber jackets so much, so I was drawn to the Jersey one straight away, I tired it on in black. It was so comfortable and soft. Perfect for casual wear. I tried this jacket on in a size 10, but I didn't like how fitted it was, so I tried it on in a size 14 and it was the perfect loose fit, I like the over sized look when it comes to bomber jackets and it worked well even in this Jersey fabric.

I will definitely be buying both of these items if they are still in stock, so look out for a blog post where I shall be at least styling one of them if not both.

After we had given our feedback to the Asos team, we moved onto the next section where we were told about all the trends that Asos are loving at the moment, and how these trends helped them to create their Jersey range. We we
re shown a few pieces of clothing and asked what we thought of the fabrics, the style and what we thought the prices were. The one thing that shocked me the most was how broad Jersey is. When I think of the word Jersey I just think of cotton jumpers and t-shirts, but we were shown all sorts of lovely items with sparkles and sequins that still came under the term 'Jersey'.

For the final part of the Jersey section there was a rail of clothes with the numbers 1 - 6 on them. Each number was a brand but we didn't know what the brand was. Our task was to fill out the questionnaire given to use and decided out of all the numbers what number had the best fabric, looked good etc.

It was so difficult but fun. We weren't told what the brands were until the end. I can't remember them all but when we found out what the brands were, it turned out my two favourites (because I couldn't decide) were Asos (of course) and River Island.

We then went on to the moment everyone in that room who had attended was waiting for! The Asos HQ tour!

I loved it so much! Wish I had taken photographs, it was amazing. We were shown around Asos studios where all the models do their photo shoots for products and the Asos catwalk. I even got to shake hands with one of the models. It was a bit awkward because just as we had all crammed ourselves into this room to be shown around the studios, the model was in his tighty whities so we all didn't really know where to look, God he was handsome. But thank God he broke the awkwardness by flashing us a smile and shaking our hands.

The models that Asos use are so beautiful! I Like how do you get your body to look the way that it does?!

We were also shown around different sections of the building where they work on different parts of the company, like graphic design and editing photographs and things like that. We even got to see how they create the 360 spin for things like handbags and sunglasses that we see on the site.

After the tour we had a lovely lunch. We had cute little sandwiches that looked like burgers, crisps, sweets, CROISSANTS!, they treated us good!

After lunch we started the Knitwear part of the focus group. I won't go into much detail about this part of the day because it was basically the same as the Jersey part of the focus group. We tried on some knitwear and gave our opinions. We were given a trend talk about what trends inspire the knitwear buying team and what products they had produced. To be honest I really didn't like this part of the day, some of the products produced for the knitwear range were shocking! Like talk about being over creative. Lets just say tinsel was involved and up until now I am still wondering why tinsel was discussed in June, on a very hot summer day ...

But anywho! I enjoyed my day and it was actually one of the best days I have had in a long time. I have loved Asos ever since I was 16 and was allowed to have my first bank card, I even remember the first thing I brought from Asos; a pair of black suede wedge high heels. Don't judge me I was young. I couldn't walk in them mind. I fell all over the joint.

But it was my first purchase of many from Asos. Even in my first year of university I was called the Asos queen because I used to get boxes and boxes from Asos delivered to reception. I still would be the queen of Asos, but then university finished and so did that student loan ...

I want to thank Asos for the amazing opportunity to participate in the customer focus day, I really enjoyed it and I am over moon that I got to spend the day at the HQ of one of my favourite Fashion brands and I even got a goodie bag!

My goodie bag contained:

 Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Keep your eyes out for some Fashion blog posts featuring some ASOS goodies that I will be purchasing!


  1. Lovely.I think I would get the 2 pack bomber jacket

    1. Thanks for reading :) and yes its such a good deal and good quality!