Monday, 20 June 2016

JD Williams Denim Dress

Denim can be worn in summer. When people think of denim they think of heavy denim mum jeans, skinny demin jeans and thick denim jackets. Well when I say denim can be worn in summer, I am talking about light weight denim that is perfect for summer. So all you denim lovers can where denim and be nice, cool and stylish at the same time.

This denim dress is from JD Williams. I love it! It is so loose, free flowing and light weight. It is knee length but can be styled up with a simple belt to make it shorter and to give you that boho chic vibe. Or you can still keep the dress knee length but use the belt around your waist to give you a sophisticated/smart look.

How would you style the denim dress? Would you wear it shorter using a belt to make it more baggy and boho chic?

Or would you wear it knee length with a belt around the waist to give you that sophisticated/smart look?

I also love the details on the dress too, you can either wear it buttoned all the way up to the collar or you can have a few buttons undone and I love the roll up sleeves too.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Have a look at all the summer dresses that JD Williams have over on their website.

Thanks for reading and thank you JD Williams.


  1. i'm loving denim too this summer! just purchased another denim skirt haha. i'd personally style this with some bold jewellery and chunky boots!

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

    1. Yes deffo bold jewellery I would have added that to the outfit but didn't have any haha! Thanks for reading :) xx